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We specialise in supplying portable traffic lights to suit your specific needs, either short term or long term. We take pride in offering a 24 hour on-call service for any breakdowns, so you know you can trust that your lights will be working! We supply battery changes as required, staff training, set up and removal of lights when required and bespoke programming to suit your needs.

All-in-all, we aim to be your one-stop-shop for all things temporary traffic lights in Wellington to keep your traffic flowing without a hitch!

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Choosing The Right Lights for Your Traffic Control

Safety and Reliability Is Our Priority

We proudly supply our model from industry leader brand ‘Peter Berghaus’ who are specialists in temporary traffic control worldwide. The MPB3200 and 3400 models are Waka Kotahi (NZ Transport Agency) approved against stringent safety regulations. Our MPB3200 and 3400 models complies fully with COPTTM and AS/NZS 4191:1994 standards.

Peter Berghaus MPB 3200 and MPB 3400 Portable Traffic Lights

Features & Specifications:

  • Can be used in Radio, Quartz (Timer) or Cable modes.
  • Equipped with radar sensors to detect traffic and improve traffic flow
  • Equipped with robust proven German & LED technology
  • All programming can be done on the control panel of the 3200 lights
  • Capable of customised programs such as ‘Green On Demand’ or ‘All Red’
  • Suitable to control ‘one-way’ traffic only
  • Easy to use programming

Safety Back-Up:

The MPB3200 one-way lights are built with an Emergency Quartz back up feature for safety.

If an existing radio signal transmission between the lights breaks down at any stage, then the lights automatically reconnect. Therefore the lights continue to operate without any noticeable or dangerous interruptions for vehicle traffic.


MPB4000 Waka Kotahi approved lights are a new generation radio or cable controlled vehicle activated portable traffic lights, which are compliant to stringent Waka Kotahi and COPTTM requirements. Internationally, MPB4000 are compliant with all specifications of the VDE, TL-LSA97 and RiLSA.

MPB 4000 can be used to control Oneway, Three Way and Crossroads (4 Way). Additional signal heads can be set up in parallel, emulating the setup we normally see at junctions where permanent traffic lights are installed. 

Benefits of using the MPB4000 lights 

The signal system consisting of a minimum of two signal heads is set up with a plug-in hand-held programming Handbox.  Programming is really easy, for example for a One Way, just enter the following information:

  1. Length of construction site
  2. Speed of vehicles through the One Way
  3. Length of green phase
  4. Traffic through site clear times

MPB 4000 can also be easily programmed to handle installations such as:

 “Green on Demand”:  This is an ideal program for low volume of traffic. The lights will stay on Red until one of the heads detects a car. The lights when operating in this program mode work on First Come First Go basis.

“Green Extend”:  This program is used when the traffic from one end is heavy. One light head remains green continuously until the other end detects a car.

“Haul Route Crossing” can be managed either manually or using a remote control.

Remote Control Operation and SMS Fault Monitoring are available as additional options. 

Benefits of using the MPB4000 lights 

  • Directional radar detectors with function display (VA versions)
  • LED  lamps 12 V
  • Quartz/cable/radio-operated
  • Radio-controlled systems with choice of single frequency or multi frequency radio transmitters
  • Automatic night dimming of LEDs for reduced power consumption when outside brightness decreases
  • Signal heads adjustable in height
  • MPB 4000 signal system also offers the following standard safety features:
  • Watchdog as emergency flash signal for possible faults and total failure
  • Red lamp monitoring, status yellow and status green monitoring
  • Green/Green protection
  • Interim time monitoring
  • Digital transmission system with interference protection.
  • Stackable mobile battery casing for 2 batteries

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